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Alpaca Business Plan & Recordkeeping Forms

Business Planning

We have developed an alpaca business plan proforma spreadsheet that is capable of helping you plan and predict start-up costs, herd growth, project sales to determine expected income and expenses.
We always provide a proforma with starter herd purchases from Stargazer so you will be able to predict how your business should grow. Custom Business Plan Consulting for existing herds is also available. Contact us for more information.

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This record keeping system and forms are copyrighted and are made available for private/individual use only.

Please obtain authorization if considering use for Commercial purposes.

Over the last 18+ years, we have looked at many computer-based, herd management, record keeping systems available on the market. We found they were excellent for recording information/data but were ineffective to use in an emergency decision making situation and were very cumbersome to use as a management tool to aid in diagnosis. The main problem we found was that the systems were basically set up to archive data but do not facilitate retrieving pertinent information in a comprehensive format to facilitate medical decision making.

Cindy’s background as a critical care RN helped devise the following forms. These forms provide a quick retrieval of information without the need of reading through line items of a report. Plus they eliminates the need for dual entries (jotting info onto a piece of paper in the barn and then transferring those notes into your computer when you get into the office).

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