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Click here for sales list. We are winding down and heading toward retirement. This is the first time in 20 years that any alpaca in our herd is available to be purchased. Nothing is being held back. Neither is any information regarding the animal as well. We […]
Quite a masterpiece! Pablo, is an ideal herdsire in elite fiber characteristics and conformation. It’s not very common to get a boy this size along with elite fineness and fleece characteristics in one package. He brings a great background of multiple top Accoyo and Allianza bloodlines that […]
We don’t get fooled often, but thinking he was beige when he was born, to today where, if he were shown, would probably fall into the medium fawn category. Regardless of color we couldn’t be more pleased with him and always love getting our hands on him […]
The saying "don't expect to make a silk purse out of a sows ear" is so true in breeding alpacas.  This boys pedigree has a significant Hemingway and Accoyo influence that provide the basis for this males phenomenal EPDs. Almost all of Champs traits tested in the top 5% -
Legacy has one of the longest staple lengths we’ve seen. (see neck fleece picture) Bred to dense females the offspring will be among the best of the best in total fleece weight. He would be the ideal male for a breeding program that values a show style […]
Golden Explorer (GE) has a strong frame and a great presence! His grand sire Acoyo Legacy has sired many top breeding males known for improving density and fiber characteristics. Then with the addition of the Hemingway line brought in from his sire, Stargazer’s Explorer, GE will provide […]
Primetime is the full brother of one of our top herdsires…Stargazer’s YO!. Just like his brother, Primetime has presence, gorgeous fleece excellent conformation. We had kept him as a spare in the event something ever have happened to Yo, but now that we are approaching our final […]
7 EPD TRAITS IN THE TOP 3%. He places #4 among beige males for AFD. Eli is a very dense male. He places #8 among the top 1% beige males for fleece weight. Considering he only weighed 115lbs at the time pof testing is a reflection as […]
One of 6P Royal Gold’s best! Rumble is now 6 years old and still tests at only 18.3 afd with a very uniform fleece that drops his spin fineness to 17.9 Royal Rumble (RR) is a great choice for a herdsire! It would be pretty hard  to […]
Antares is a beautiful true black male with Royal Baby fineness and the density that his multi champion producer 6P Royal Gold was known for. Antares looks so much like his sire he could be his twin. Beautiful head, tremendous coverage, strong bone and very proportional. Delightful […]
Callisto’s lineage has been among the leaders in our herd for achieving progress towards our production goals. We had been anticipating this birth and crossing our fingers that it would be a male. We knew he would have a top place in our herd little did we know that he would […]
We’ve have encountered a lot of luck in obtaining the level of genetics time and science has come to reveal.  One of our first strokes of luck was being able to obtain Chaos’ granddam.  Each generation since has never disappointed us. This boy has been bred to take […]
Barringer has produced awesome offspring. He’s not getting any younger and his price make him a great deal for a small breeder how wants to get the most bang for the buck. He’s in great shape and undoubtedly has at least a cuple good years ahead of him. This […]
As his name implies, this boy is well worth your attention and consideration. He brings new meaning to the phrase “He has it all”. From the day he was born, this male has impressed us and has continued to exceed our expectations as he matures into one […]
A-Man will be working in Georgia November through Spring  at Apple Mountain Alpacas. Contact Jay and Melissa to schedule your breeding.   Apocalypse stands in no ones shadow.  Few few alpacas have been as rigorously tested and proven to produce such outstanding improvements in their offspring. Most notably is […]
AKA Zippy. Love this boys fleece. Handle is superb and the density is phenomenal. This fineness will likely last a lifetime. His sire, Royal Rumble is one of our most persistently fine herdsires anywhere. He has remained under 18 micron so far up through 7 years of age. His dam, Zoey,…
This is an awesome male looking for a home.   Paladin’s direct  lineage comes from  the top Accoyo and Allianza imports .  He has the typical ‘wedge head’ and is wide chested male with good heavy bone. Consistent, super-fine fleece from his Hemingway genetics along with the density […]
Zion is a solid frame male with extremely dense fleece that exhibits advanced architecture. Genetics are among the best of the best that originates from the Accoyo and Allianza programs. His top EPDs revel he is above the top 10% for almost every trait. Balanced EPDs also […]


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"Fall in love with some activity, and do it! Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter." R Feynman


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