Stargazer's Antares

Antares is a beautiful true black male with Royal Baby fineness and the density that his multi champion producer 6P Royal Gold was known for. Antares looks so much like his sire he could be his twin. Beautiful head, tremendous coverage, strong bone and very proportional. Delightful conformation along with full and dense coverage. Antares is the complete package.

His EPD trait values are better than most white and fawns and is one of the few true black males That rank among the finest while increasing staple and fleece weight in his offspring.

Part interest is available as our herd size is reduced to a point that we don’t have that much work for him. Published price is for six months of possession, nine months could be available as well.

2012 AFD 18.0  CV 22

2014 AFD 20.6 CV 25.5

DAM: Nightsky Arwen
Sire: 6P Royal Gold Imp98
ARI#: #32304817
Breed: Huacaya
DOB: 2011/07/19
Micron: 18 CV: 22
For Sale: 15,000
Stud Fee: $1,250
Sex: Male
Color: White
Status: Proven