ARI#: 32826425
Sex: Male
DOB: 6/25/2014
Breed: Huacaya
Color: M Fawn
Micron: AFD 19.4; SD 5.0; CV 25.6; CF 97.3
For Sale: 2,000 SALE PRICE
Stud Fee: 1250
DAM: Stargazer's Shania
Sire: Stargazer's Barringer

Stargazer’s (Barringer) Skywalker

Skywalker will cover all the bases in your breeding program.  He’s at the top of the National herd for multiple traits that will result in offspring that will be competitive in the show ring and fiber production.

He has a easy, manageable temperament and gets along well enough to be housed with other breeding males.  We don’t get fooled often, but thinking he was beige when he was born, to today where, if he were shown, would probably fall into the medium fawn category. Regardless of color we couldn’t be more pleased with him and always love getting our hands on him doing herd maintenance. He has never disappointed us. He is exquisite in Fiber characteristics, conformation, structure and temperament.