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The Wide World Of Alpacas
Breeding Herd Growth Scenarios
Expense Considerations
Revenue Opportunities
Insurance & Taxation Considerations
Showing and Marketing 

We’ve been raising alpacas for 25 years and the industry has evolved. As expected the “Breeder’s Market” has become much more refined, the fiber market is quickly becoming more profitable and agritourism has been a helpful source of revenue.

Your business model can be profitable on any one of three income streams or any combination. Being successful will largely depend on your decisions and expectations.

In this series we will be exploring what we’ve learned and experienced regarding the business side of raising alpacas. Using the spreadsheets and formulas we’ve developed, we can project your expected expenses and income opportunities for both breeding and non-breeding alpaca herds.

One of the requirements for incorporating the available tax benefits of raising livestock is to be able to show the intent of making a profit. In this series we will provide the framework to help you develop your own documentation for your accountant. Custom proformas available

June 14 Fiber Production – Agritourism. In this session we will look at a 10 year projection of expenses and income opportunities of raising a herd of non-breeding alpacas.

June 21 Breeding For Seed-Stock or Show. In this session we will look at a 10 year projection of expenses and income projections as they relate to herd size, quality, birth rate and sales expectations of raising a herd of breeding alpacas.

June 28 Breeding For Seed-Stock or Show Continued if needed.