A simple recordkeeping system for pencil pushers.

A recordkeeping system to help keep your animals healthy and save you money. This is the first AMA-AA webcast in our plans to share what we’ve learned about caring for our alpacas, the business as well as the Industry over the past 25 years since we began raising alpacas

The video will explain the recordkeeping system we developed that is easy to maintain and a very useful aid for husbandry and reproduction diagnostics as well as other important document retrieval. PDF copies of the forms and link for the classification folders can be downloaded form our website, alpaca.net.

In the video, the first 26 minutes will explain the system. The remaining video is open question and answers.

Downloadable Forms used in the video:
PDF Health Record Form
PDF Breeding Record Form
PDF Gestation Table
PDF Birthing Checklist