Stargazer’s Yvonne

Stargazer's Yvonne

Yvonne has 5 traits in the top 3% with the rest close behind. She will provide the best a girl can provide. While that says a lot, it’s her density and fleece weight, along with her fineness, that brings this girl into the best of the best.

Yvonne is one of our first 5th generation females of our breeding program and with a COI of 7.4 she is ready to be outcrossed to our Snowmass herdsire Beloved Legend for an exceptional offspring. (price is pre-confirmed pregnancy)

Stargazer’s Betty Boop

Stargazer's Betty Boop

Betty Boop is a high quality breeding female. Great looking head, long and dense staple, and she has been bred to develop and improve dark color genetics. Her dam, Bella, had been a National Blue Ribbon winning white and went on to produce a number of quality herdsires. Betty’s sire, Antares, is one of the top 10 true black herdsires listed in the EPD program for providing the most improvement for fineness along with the most increase of fleece weight.

Unfortunately, Betty was Bella’s last cria. It was a difficult birth and Bella did not recover well and passed shortly after. Betty and Yvonne, somewhat of an orphan herself, bonded and they have been close ever since. The two females are available to be purchased together and the price listed below is for both females.

(price is pre-confirmed pregnancy)

Stargazer’s Yippee

Stargazer's Yippee

Full sister to one of our top herdsires, YO! and National Blue Ribbon Winner, Eleanor, Yippee is an outlier. There aren’t many, if any, females that will improve AFD and FW to the level she will bring in one breeding.

Stargazer’s Babs

Stargazer's Babs

Babs is out of blue ribbon parents and among the top ranked females in the EPD program. Very fine and super dense with excellent character.

Stargazer’s Alysan

Stargazer's Alysan

Alysan is a well bred breeding stock female with top EPDs. She is a proven dam and is ready to be bred back. 1/2 price breeding to any Stargazer herdsire.

Price is without female cria at side.

Stargazer’s Alecia

Stargazer's Alecia

Alecia is great fiber producer. She is in the top 1% of all females in the US for yearly fiber production. She brings a great combination of top Accoyo, Allianza and Antacalla genetics.

She’s is an easy keeper and out of one of our friendliest females.

Will be bred Spring 2022. She is also available in a starter herd package with a well matched unrelated herdsire.

Stargazer’s Addison

Stargazer's Addison

Addison has a great pedigree of top color producers and will produce high quality color offspring.

She is bred to a medium fawn Matrix son that will bring in more top genetics and expecting much improved EPDs in a dark color.  We expect a spectacular cria.

Stargazer’s Emily

Stargazer's Emily

Following in her namesakes achievements, Emily is destined to be part of a top rated breeding program. She has a very well developed, ultra-fine fleece and will deliver 5 traits in the top 1%-2% along with a fleece weight that shows a density not  typically found in a female. Her COI is at 6.6% which still leaves room to continue line breeding or outcross to capitalize on the likelihood to achieve  better than the predictions of the EPD program.  

Emily is among the best of the best of the best females and is destined to be the matriarch in a program focused on  producing top herdsires and herdsire producing female offspring. 

She is a proven dam that does a great job of caring for her crias. She is due to deliver a cria the end of May, 2022. This cria will be one of our first cria sired by Snowmass Beloved Legend.

Stargazer’s Symphony

Stargazer's Symphony

We are now at the point in our herd resizing process that we are faced with selling some of our best females.

Symphony is everything you need in a female if you are looking to produce top herdsire offspring. She has produced sub 18 micron afd fleece production with low SD.

As the product of both our Royal Gold and Apocalypse lines, this years Fall cria will be one of the first outcrosses to the Snowmass line..

Symphony comes with cria guaranty.

Stargazer’s Lizzie

Stargazer's Lizzie

Lizzie is among the densest females in our herd and among the tested animals in the US EPD program. She has a calm disposition and is easy to handle.

She is open and available to be bred to one of our Royal Gold line herdsires that will provide persistent fineness of uniform SD and AFD of 18 to 21 micron,.

Stargazer’s Curley Sue

Stargazer's Curley Sue

Improving or maintaining fiber fineness in our herds is always a factor in our decision process of making breeding and purchasing selections. The down side to that is without equal attention being paid to fleece weight production, you are handicapping your future fiber production. Just a 2 micron improvement of fiber diameter will affect fleece weight production without a compensating increase in density and/or staple length.

Curley Sue, an offspring of a couple of our best producers, she has been ranked among the top females for the combined index value of improving both AFD and Fleece Weight. That puts her close to the top 10% of the top 1% of 50,000 alpacas used in the EPD program. Also, the relationship of her curvature to staple length identifies her as an outlier in those trait developments as well. Curley Sue is a super fine, dense and show winning female that will continue to outperform most alpacas.

Everybody’s bottom line is affected by the value of the males produced. Curley Sue is a female that will produce useful herdsires and be a valued member to your breeding program. A show quality female with superb genetics … true seedstock.

Her full brother Callisto is on our herdsire row and is one of the top males in the EPD program to improve fineness with the greatest increase in fleece weight as well.

5th of 10 at GWAS 2012 Vandenbosch 5th of 9 at MOPACA 2012 Anderson

Stargazer’s Celeste

Stargazer's Celeste

Celeste is a wonderful example of excellent conformation, highly developed fleece and solid supporting EPD’s.

Her dam and sire are among the best in our herd as are her offspring.

3RD Great Western Alpaca Show 2012 Halter White Juvenile Female Huacayas

Stargazer’s Carma

Stargazer's Carma

Carma is a solid foundation female with very balanced EPD Traits. We expect her production to be predictably spectacular. Her fleece is extremely fine with a high degree of character and uniformity. She has a solid ancestry that combines the best of the Accoyo and Allianza genetics. Her Sire and Dam are multi Champions in large show classes.

She is a solid producer among the top females in the US for fineness, fine crimp and uniformity.

Sale price includes a breeding spring of 2022.