This page lists our herdsires that are available for a drive-by breeding, purchase full/part interest, or for lease.  Since we are now  getting close to retiring, we are not breeding nearly as much as we used to and most of these boys are not getting much, if any, work at all. Some we are no longer able to use as we’ve sold the females they were eligible to breed.  All are friendly, halter trained, and will take treats from you hand.

If you are just beginning your alpaca  breeding adventure, getting started on the right foot is more than just buying a high quality alpaca.  Facility set up, and husbandry protocols are key to a smooth start and we can help you to get set up within your budget. We have been helping new breeders get a secure start for 25 years and are always glad to shared what we’ve learned. Check our Event Schedule for upcoming classes.