Stargazer’s Pablo Picasso

Pablo is a masterpiece! He is an ideal herdsire capable of improving herd genetics that produces profitable fiber characteristics and conformation. Pablo (aka Max) also has a gentle personality easy to handle and gets along well with others.

He has a large, solid Accoyo style frame not commonly found along with his fineness and fleece characteristics in one package. He brings a great background of both Accoyo and Allianza imports.

His balanced EPD’s are also a sign of how well matched this boys ancestry had been.

2014 17.7 4.5 25.3 1.3
2016 18.7; 4.3; 23.1; 1.5
2017 22.0 5.1 23.3 6.0
2018 21.5; 4.9; 22.7; 5.3

Stargazer’s Skywalker

Skywalker will cover all the bases in your breeding program.  He’s at the top of the National herd for multiple traits that will result in offspring that will be competitive in the show ring and fiber production.

He has a easy, manageable temperament and gets along well enough to be housed with other breeding males.  We don’t get fooled often, but thinking he was beige when he was born, to today where, if he were shown, would probably fall into the medium fawn category. Regardless of color we couldn’t be more pleased with him and always love getting our hands on him doing herd maintenance. He has never disappointed us. He is exquisite in Fiber characteristics, conformation, structure and temperament.


Stargazer’s Champion

  “Champ” is an Apocalypse son that is too related for us to use in our herd. His pedigree on both sides is the best of the best. He has a significant Hemingway and Accoyo influence that provide the basis for this males phenomenal EPDs. Almost all of Champs EPD traits tested in the top 5% – 10% range of all male huacayas.  Most significantly is his ability to improve fineness along with a notable increase in fleece weight (through density).  Only a few dozen white males in the EPD program can claim a better ratio. His sale price is less than half of what we think we should sell for. Champ’s sire, AA Apocalypse, who has been one of the most prepotent proven herdsires providing the greatest amount of improvement in one generation. His dam, Cybel, is one of only two Accoyo Augusto daughters that we still have in our herd and still producing some of our best.

This is a perfect male to put over an entire herd which will result in the greatest amount of improvement along with trait balance to simplify mating future generations.

Stargazer’s Legacy by YO!

Legacy has one of the longest staple lengths we’ve seen. (see neck fleece picture) Bred to dense females the offspring will be among the best of the best in total fleece weight. He would be the ideal male for a breeding program that values a show style head with a strong presence and also improving EPD’s

Multiple top Accoyos; Legacy, Caligula, Vengador and El Mustachio as well as Hemmingway lineages

Stargazer’s Botticelli

Sired by Apocalypse, Chelly, has proven genetics that will be a great asset to your breeding program. He is ranked in the top 200 males for improving AFD fineness AND increasing FW as well as top 1% for SF anf Curve.

We have many very high-quality males that are too related to use in our herd. Chelly is for sale at $5000 or trade for an above-average female of almost any color.

Stgzr’s Golden Explorer

“GE” brings good things to life!

Golden Explorer’s Gsire, Accoyo Legacy, is well documented as one of the best imports from the Accoyo herd to bring in a solid frame with a dense colored fleece. The Hemingway line brought in from his sire provides long term fineness that is necessary to compete in the show ring or retail fiber sales.

When looking through his pedigree you’ll see a progression in each generation of genetic improvement provided by the best available genetics.

GE’s solid structure and head style are easily recognized as the ideal style sought after in every herd. There’s no doubt that GE will provide outstanding results in his offspring.

2015 AFD 17.0; SD 4.9; CV 28.9; CF 98.8
2016 AFD 18.6; 5.4; 29.2; 3.7
2017 AFD 18.8; SD 5.5; CV 29.3; CF 97.0
2018 AFD 21.1; 6.6; 31.2; 8.9

Stargazer’s Elijah

We are absolutely thrilled with the results of this deep Alianza and Accoyo cross-bred herdsire. Prepotent, homozygous genetics for persistent ultra-fine fleece production and density. His fleece is a great example of how nice alpaca can be.

Elijah meets all the qualifications of an elite herdsire. He places #4 among beige males for improving AFD along with increasing fleece weight. Since Eli is the combination of our two best producing bloodlines, we simply don’t have many eligible females to pair him up with.

His dam and grand dam on both sides of his pedigree are National Blue Ribbon winning dams. Besides show quality genetics, this proven herdsire is among the top 1-2% for improving offspring fleece quality across many traits.

2019 EPD Ranking
AFD 1%
SD 10%
SF 1%
%>30 1%
MED 2%

Stargazer’s Royal Rumble

RRumble is a rare find for a herdsire. He is one of the best 6P Royal Gold’s males we produced in our breeding program and that says alot. At 6 years old RRumble is still testing at only 18.3 afd. He also has the herdsire focus when it comes to breeding. He’s  easy to handle, but will be the alpha male if left for him to decide in a group of males.

His sire Royal Gold (RG), came in among the last of imports from Peru. The most heavily screened and rigorous of the importations. RG originated from the Antacalla region. He made his way to our breeding program after quickly making a name for himself as a herdsire for one of the top importers. His offspring were easy to pick out in the auction catalogs as they all had his great head style and presence. Royal Gold’s persistent fineness has also carried through to his offspring.

Rumble could be used for color as well. His sire produced a lot of color and had the ability to pass on his fineness to black and modern gray crias. Antares (RG x Arwen) is our black herdsire that has replaced RG for our dark program.

Rumble’s dam, Bella Bianca is a National Blue Ribbon white. Her sire, El Bello,  was one of Hemingway’s most notable male progeny. All of Bella’s crias have been among the best in our program. They have all been recognized as top show winners with sought after fleeces. We have always had great anticipation waiting for her to deliver.

The following test results demonstrate the numerous 1% EPD rankings RRumber has earned.

2013 15.1 3.1 20.3 0.3
2014 15.1 3.0 19.9 0.4
2015 16.3 3.5 21.3 0.3
2016 18.2 4.0 21.7 0.9
2017 17.4 3.6 20.8 0.5
2018 18.3 4.0 21.8 1.2

Rumble offspring Zakai, Encore and Alicia.

Stargazer’s Antares

Antares is a beautiful true black male with Royal Baby fineness and the density that his multi champion producer 6P Royal Gold was known for. Antares looks so much like his sire he could be his twin. Beautiful head, tremendous coverage, strong bone and very proportional. Delightful conformation along with full and dense coverage. Antares is the complete package.

His EPD trait values are better than most white and fawns and is one of the few true black males That rank among the finest while increasing staple and fleece weight in his offspring.

Part interest is available as our herd size is reduced to a point that we don’t have that much work for him. Published price is for six months of possession, nine months could be available as well.

2012 AFD 18.0  CV 22

2014 AFD 20.6 CV 25.5

Stargazer’s Callisto

Callisto’s lineage has been among the leaders in our herd for achieving progress towards our production goals. We had been anticipating this birth and crossing our fingers that it would be a male. We knew he would have a top place in our herd little did we know that he would hold such a top place among the national Herd as well.  With his stats and production, it isn’t much of a surprise that it is his turn to take the reigns and has taken over much of his sires breeding assignments.

From any perspective, he qualifies as “Having It All”. Every pairing in his pedigree has followed a plan that we had hoped would eventually produce this male. Even as a cria his fleece was a great representation of the champion and show winning lineage he came out of.

We have dealt with hundreds of alpacas in the 16 years we’ve been raising alpacas and Callisto is among the most memorable. (We mostly refer to him as Carlos.) Carlos is among the highest ranking males in the ARI EPD program for elite, lifetime fineness and increased FW (density). Not only is his fiber spectacular, and his conformation superb, he also exhibits the presence and disposition that makes raising alpacas rewarding on a more personal level. He is simply a beautiful male in every regard.

The qualities of the Allianza and Sollocotta cross is coming through beautifully. His pedigree is packed with best of Accoyo, Allianza and Sollocota genetics. He’s out of our champion Accoyo Augusto daughter, Stargazer’s Catena, and sired by Multi-Champion Accoyo America Apocalypse (Hemingway-Nautilus).

Elite pedigree and an accomplished show record, plus top EPD’s. According to the 2014 public report, he is ranked as the 3rd top male among the top 1% for AFD when combined with the greatest increase of fleece weight (density). That is 3rd place out of 16,828 males.This male is capable to bring your herd into the top of of a very competitive class. His first cria have arrived and they continue to highlight their sires influence.

% > 30 TOP 2%

1 yr 15.2; 4.3; 28.4; 0.8
2 yr 17.5; 4.7; 26.9; 1.9
3 yr 18.4; 4.9; 26.8; 2.4
4 yr 17.7; 5.0; 28.0; 2.0
5 yr 20.1; 5.1; 25.4; 4.8
6 yr 17.8; 4.9; 27.4; 2.2%

Have questions about what EPDs are good for? Feel free to call us anytime.

Part interest is for 6 months possession.


2nd EPWN Fleece show 2012 Loner
2nd GWAS Get of Sire class 2011
2nd Fall Fest Get of Sire class 2009
4th AOBA Nationals White Adult males 2011 Safely
3rd Fall Fest Halter 2009 O’Leary
4th NWSS 2010 Loner
6th GWAS White Yrlng “B” 2010 Macleod
6th MOPACA 2010 VandenBosch

Stargazer’s Chaos

We’ve have encountered a lot of luck in obtaining the level of genetics time and science has come to reveal.  One of our first strokes of luck was being able to obtain Chaos’ granddam.  Each generation since has never disappointed us.

This boy has been bred to take the uncertainty out of your breeding program. His genetic profile places him among the top 5% in the EPD program with many exceptional traits. Chaos is a high caliber, Accoyo style herdsire and exhibits all the qualities you would expect. He is a good size male with a great disposition.

We are proud to offer this male as he will improve the quality of their offspring and herd fleece production. Chaos ranks in the top percentiles of all male huacayas is will make dramatic improvements in his offspring. His 5% ranking for AFD places him among the most persistent long term fineness producers available as well as producing show quality cria with phenomenal character, density and staple length. His dam, Capella, was a multi champ white female daughter out of Accoyo and Sollocota imports.


1 yr 15.3, 4.9; 27.6; 1.7
2 yr 18.9; 5.3; 27.8; 2.5
3 yr 18.7; 4.1; 22.2; 1.6
4 yr 19.7; 4.3; 22.0; 1.8

His first cria have arrived … we expected a lot and he delivered. Betsy is absolutely perfect. She may be one of the best we’ve ever produced. She is abeautiful, MFawn, show girl out of a white dam that has some color in her background. Looks like he is letting color pass through as well.

With our reduced herd size, Chaos is not getting a lot of work. Part ownership is also available for six month possession or more depending on your location.


Judges always liked Chaos for his fineness, phenotype and presence among large, competitive, white male classes. Never GTG 5th of 14 Halter GWAS 2010 5th of 12 Halter ABR Fall Festival 6th of 12 Halter MOPACA 2010 5th of 8 Halter MOPACA 2012 5th of 9 Halter GWAS 2012 1 yr 15.3, 4.9; 27.6; 1.7 2 yr 18.9; 5.3; 27.8; 2.5 3 yr 18.7; 4.1; 22.2; 1.6 4 yr 19.7; 4.3; 22.0; 1.8

Stargazer’s YO!

As his name implies, this boy is well worth your attention and consideration. He brings new meaning to the phrase “He has it all”. From the day he was born, this male has impressed us and has continued to exceed our expectations as he matures into one of the top elite herdsires in the country. He is among the few animals that improve as they reach maturity. YO’s production continues to excite us. Even at 6 years old, his fiber qualities have remained constantly elite.

YO’s lineage is well proven in all disciplines. Not only do they represent a long line of champion and blue ribbon placements, they also excel at density while maintaining lifetime fineness that is backed up with top 1% EPD ranking for progeny production predictions. His sire is Accoyo America Apocalypse, a Hemingway-Nautilus son with a long list of show winning offspring and 1% EPD rankings. His dam Yolanda, has produced superior offspring as well. Each one of her offspring has excelled in the show ring and is found at the top of the EPD reports. It is Yolanda’s vital genetic contribution, paired with Apocalypse, which enables YO to be considered as true seedstock. Perfect for that outcross breeding.

YO’s first crias have arrived and they exhibit ultimate fineness and robust character in both white and fawn. This generation will be one of the first to arrive using the AOA EPD program where the quality of breeding stock is judged across multiple disciplines for the purpose of identifying the desired genetics for producing select production qualities.

YO has represented his sire, AA Apocalypse, in several Get of Sire wins. The prepotency of this genetic line is impressive! YO, along with two additional Apocalypse offspring, had repeatedly swept half of the final placement in the adult white male classes at both Level IV and V shows. More than just lifetime fineness, it is YO’s ability to provide a major increase in fleece weight is what brings him to the spotlight.

6 yr 18.6; 4.1; 22.1; 1.4
5 yr 19.3; 4.1; 21.2; 2.1
4 yr 17.5; 3.8; 21.8; .06
3yr 17.7; 4.0; 22.6; 0.7
2 yr 18.8; 4.3; 23.0; 1.5
1 yr 16.6; 4.8; 29.2; 1.2

EPDs 2014/Generation 6 Progeny Predictions
Listed by Trait Value Ranking
AFD Top 1%
SF Top 1%
% > 30 Top 1%
SD Top 1%
Medulation Top 5%
Fleece Weight Top 10% (This represents a higher ranking than 90 % of the animals that will also provide much stronger AFD.)

Part interest is for 6 months possession.

1st EPWM Fleece show 2012 Loner 2nd Place GWAS 2 yo and older white males 2011 2nd Place Get of Sire grouping GWAS 2011 5th AOBA Nationals white 2 Yr old and older 2011 Safely 3rd Yearling Class ABR Fall Festival 2010 Anderson 4th of 14 White Yearling GWAS 2010 Macleod 6th of 11 White Juv AOBA Nationals 2009 O’Leary 4th EPWM Fleece 2010 Shimeld 1st ABR Fall Fest Fleece Show 2012

Accoyo America Apoclypse “A-Man”

Apocalypse is working in Georgia, November through Spring  at Apple Mountain Alpacas. Contact Jay and Melissa to schedule your breeding.  

Apocalypse stands in no ones shadow.  Few few alpacas have been as rigorously tested and proven to produce such outstanding improvements in their offspring. Most notably is his predisposition to provide persistent Royal Grade fineness coupled with remarkable increases in fleece weight/density.  His breeding male and female offspring have been holding remarkable Royal Grade to Grade 0 fineness through 8 -10 years old.

His offspring have great conformation, full fleece coverage with beautiful heads that always do great in the top white and light classes.  We have gone to many shows with three white offspring in the same class and they would all place.(in other words take half the class placements)

By any measure he is an impressive and unique herdsire. His stats provide confidence that your breeding program will be able to compete among the top animals in the country. His offspring are Ultra Royal Fine grade range as juveniles and yearling and remain in the Royal and sub 20 micron range well into their adult years. A great trait to establish in your herd or your next “home grown” herdsire.  Apocalypse is one of the most prepotent offspring of PCA Hem-Acc Nautilus. Starting out with a multiple championship show career Apocalypse has produced significant results as a herdsire.

Rumbles Zakai

I love this boys fleece and Genetic profile!

His handle is superb and the density is phenomenal. This level of fineness will likely last a lifetime. His sire, Royal Rumble is one of the most persistently fine herdsires anywhere. He has remained under 18 micron so far up through 7 years of age. Zakai’s dam, Zoey, is the result of one of our best sires and dams, YO and Catena.

His EPd’s indicate the same as our expectations as he ranks among the top 1%-5% in the same traits as his lineage.


2017 16.7 3.5 21.1 0.5
2018 15.1 3.4 22.7 0.4
2019 17.1 3.6 20.8 0.3


Stargazer’s Zion

Zion has a solid frame with an extremely dense fleece that exhibits advanced architecture. His ancestry is among the best of the best, originating from the Accoyo and Allianza imports. His EPDs revel he is solidly in the top 10% for almost every trait. His balanced rankings also provide insight into how well matched and homozygous his ancestry has been.

A rare combination at his level of fineness, Zion’s contribution to his offspring will be more dense and produce more fleece than anybody in this price range.

Zion’s purpose in life is to help the grower looking for profits from raw fiber or retail yarn  sales.


2014 20.2 4.4 21.5 2.0
2015 18.8 4.0 21.1 0.9