Stargazer’s Yvonne

Stargazer's Yvonne

Yvonne has 5 traits in the top 3% with the rest close behind. She will provide the best a girl can provide. While that says a lot, it’s her density and fleece weight, along with her fineness, that brings this girl into the best of the best.

Yvonne is one of our first 5th generation females of our breeding program and with a COI of 7.4 she is ready to be outcrossed to our Snowmass herdsire Beloved Legend for an exceptional offspring. (price is pre-confirmed pregnancy)

Stargazer’s Betty Boop

Stargazer's Betty Boop

Betty Boop is a high quality breeding female. Great looking head, long and dense staple, and she has been bred to develop and improve dark color genetics. Her dam, Bella, had been a National Blue Ribbon winning white and went on to produce a number of quality herdsires. Betty’s sire, Antares, is one of the top 10 true black herdsires listed in the EPD program for providing the most improvement for fineness along with the most increase of fleece weight.

Unfortunately, Betty was Bella’s last cria. It was a difficult birth and Bella did not recover well and passed shortly after. Betty and Yvonne, somewhat of an orphan herself, bonded and they have been close ever since. The two females are available to be purchased together and the price listed below is for both females.

(price is pre-confirmed pregnancy)

Stargazer’s Yippee

Stargazer's Yippee

Full sister to one of our top herdsires, YO! and National Blue Ribbon Winner, Eleanor, Yippee is an outlier. There aren’t many, if any, females that will improve AFD and FW to the level she will bring in one breeding.

Stargazer’s Babs

Stargazer's Babs

Babs is out of blue ribbon parents and among the top ranked females in the EPD program. Very fine and super dense with excellent character.

Stargazer’s Alysan

Stargazer's Alysan

Alysan is a well bred breeding stock female with top EPDs. She is a proven dam and is ready to be bred back. 1/2 price breeding to any Stargazer herdsire.

Price is without female cria at side.

Stargazer’s Alecia

Stargazer's Alecia

Alecia is great fiber producer. She is in the top 1% of all females in the US for yearly fiber production. She brings a great combination of top Accoyo, Allianza and Antacalla genetics.

She’s is an easy keeper and out of one of our friendliest females.

Will be bred Spring 2022. She is also available in a starter herd package with a well matched unrelated herdsire.

Stargazer’s Addison

Stargazer's Addison

Addison has a great pedigree of top color producers and will produce high quality color offspring.

She is bred to a medium fawn Matrix son that will bring in more top genetics and expecting much improved EPDs in a dark color.  We expect a spectacular cria.

Stargazer’s Commander in Chief

Stargazer's Commander in Chief

This boy is like royalty in many ways. Super fine, excellent epds and a little line bred. We are unable to use him in our herd as he is too related. He’s the ideal male to outcross to unrelated females of any color to add persistant fineness and density as well as show quality character. He has great conformation, nice bite and a terrific head style. Plays well with others.

Stargazer’s Augustus

This boy has always been one of our favorites. He has phenomenally dense and well developed fiber as well as a friendly temperament that has made him a great PR alpaca. He will be an asset to your fiber production as his genetics will keep his fiber fine for many years to come.

Price is reflecting being sold as pet/fiber male.

Stargazer’s Pablo Picasso

Stargazer's Pablo Picasso

Pablo is a proven herdsire that will increase your production with profitable fiber characteristics and conformation. He is a large, big boned male and reminds me of original Accoyo imports and is ranked among the top of the national herd for density (AFD+FW)

He has a friendly disposition and will be the first to greet you, He is easy to handle and gets along well with others.

His balanced EPD’s are also a sign of how well bred his ancestry has been.

2014 17.7 4.5 25.3 1.3
2016 18.7; 4.3; 23.1; 1.5
2017 22.0 5.1 23.3 6.0
2018 21.5; 4.9; 22.7; 5.3

Stargazer’s Zion

Stargazer's Zion

Zion has a solid frame and excellent conformation. His ancestry is among the best of the best, originating from the Accoyo and Allianza imports. His EPDs reveal he is solidly in the top 10% for many traits assuring great offspring and outstanding fiber production.

Zion’s purpose in life is to help the producer to increase revenue from offspring, raw fiber and retail yarn  sales.

2014 20.2 4.4 21.5 2.0
2015 18.8 4.0 21.1 0.9

Rumbles Zakai

Rumbles Zakai

Zakai has a great fleece and Genetic profile!

His handle is superb and the density is phenomenal. This level of fineness will likely last a lifetime. His sire, Royal Rumble is one of the most persistently fine herdsires anywhere.

(Rumble is still under 20 micron at 9 years old.)  Zakai’s dam, Zoey, is the result of one of our best sires and dams, YO and Catena.

His EPd’s indicate the same as our expectations as he ranks among the top 1%-5% in the same traits as his lineage.

2017 16.7 3.5 21.1 0.5
2018 15.1 3.4 22.7 0.4
2019 17.1 3.6 20.8 0.3

2020 18.6  4.6 20.6  0.3 (sheared 9.5 lbs)

Stargazer’s Champion

Stargazer's Champion

  “Champ” is an Accoyo America Apocalypse son and a high quality herdsire. He is currently unproven as he is too related for us to use in our herd. His pedigree on both sides is the best of the best. He has a significant Hemingway and Accoyo influence that provide the basis for this males phenomenal EPDs. Almost all of Champs EPD traits tested in the top 5% – 10% range of all male huacayas.  Most significantly is his ability to improve fineness along with a notable increase in fleece weight (through density).    His dam, Cybel, is one of only two Accoyo Augusto daughters that we still have in our herd and is still producing some of our best.

How Can You Tell If An Alpaca Is Right for Your Herd?

How Can You Tell If An Alpaca Is Right for Your Herd?

Everybody says the same thing about their alpacas. It seems like everything will “improve fineness and increase density” …. if you’re comparing it to a rock that would undoubtedly be true.

“In the day” “B.C.” (Before Computers),… Livestock breeders would have track production results for generations to identify their best-producing animals.

Since computers and the introduction of EPD’s in the alpaca industry, identifying top animals have become easier, quicker, and much more accurate.

Your bottom line as a breeder will largely be determined by how successful you are in achieving desired results in the shortest amount of time.

“DO THE MATH”   EPDs enable you to predict and compare how an animal will perform and fit in among the animals in your herd and production goals.

Stargazer’s Lizzie

Stargazer's Lizzie

Lizzie is among the densest females in our herd and among the tested animals in the US EPD program. She has a calm disposition and is easy to handle.

She is open and available to be bred to one of our Royal Gold line herdsires that will provide persistent fineness of uniform SD and AFD of 18 to 21 micron,.

Stargazer’s Elijah

Stargazer's Elijah

We are absolutely thrilled with this deep Alianza and Accoyo bred male. Prepotent, homozygous genetics for persistent ultra-fine fleece production and density. His fleece is a great example of how nice alpaca can be.

Eli is the combination of our two best producing bloodlines, we simply don’t have many eligible females to pair him up with.

His dam and grand dam on both sides of his pedigree are National Blue Ribbon winning dams. Besides show quality genetics, this proven herdsire is among the top 1-2% for improving offspring fleece quality across many traits.

2020 EPD Ranking
AFD 1%
SD 10%
SF 1%
%>30 1%
MED 2%

Stargazer’s Royal Rumble

Stargazer's Royal Rumble

RRumble is a rare find for a herdsire. He is one of the best 6P Royal Gold’s males we produced in our breeding program and that says alot. He help royal grade finesness until almost 10yrs old. He also has the herdsire focus when it comes to breeding.

His sire Royal Gold (RG), came in among the last of imports from Peru. (The most heavily screened and rigorous of the importations.) RG originated from the Antacalla region. He made his way to our breeding program after quickly making a name for himself as a herdsire for one of the top importers. His offspring were easy to pick out in the auction catalogs as they all had his great head style and presence. Royal Gold’s persistent fineness has also carried through to his offspring.

Rumble could be used for color as well. His sire produced a lot of color and had the ability to pass on his fineness to black and modern gray crias. Antares (RG x Arwen) is our black herdsire that has replaced RG for our dark program.

Rumble’s dam, Bella Bianca is a National Blue Ribbon white. Her sire, El Bello,  was one of Hemingway’s most notable male progeny. All of Bella’s crias have been among the best in our program. They have all been recognized as top show winners with sought after fleeces. We have always had great anticipation waiting for her to deliver.

The following test results demonstrate the numerous 1% EPD rankings RRumber has earned.

2013 15.1 3.1 20.3 0.3
2014 15.1 3.0 19.9 0.4
2015 16.3 3.5 21.3 0.3
2016 18.2 4.0 21.7 0.9
2017 17.4 3.6 20.8 0.5
2018 18.3 4.0 21.8 1.2

Rumble offspring Zakai, Encore and Alicia.

Stgzr’s Golden Explorer

Stgzr's Golden Explorer

“GE” brings good things to life!

Golden Explorer’s Grandsire is Accoyo Legacy. Legacy was one of the best imports from the Accoyo herd with a well documented track record of superior offspring. Explorer also brings in the Allianza import Hemingway, with the most recognized record of providing long term fineness that is so important in fiber sales or the show ring.

When looking through his pedigree you’ll see a progression in each generation of genetic improvement provided by the best available genetics.

GE’s solid structure and head style are easily recognized as the ideal style sought after in every herd. There’s no doubt that GE will provide outstanding results in his offspring.

2015 AFD 17.0; SD 4.9; CV 28.9; CF 98.8
2016 AFD 18.6; 5.4; 29.2; 3.7
2017 AFD 18.8; SD 5.5; CV 29.3; CF 97.0