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Very few things in life are both of the moment and timeless. Whether you raise alpacas as a backyard hobby or an elite fiber producing endeavor, whenever you connect your gaze with an alpaca, you rediscover one of those things. Never-ending gratification day after day and chore after chore. Not that raising alpacas is always easy and predictable, but putting out the effort provides a satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference. When the herd recognizes and accepts you as their caretaker, your joy only grows stronger and your commitment deeper.

Raising and breeding alpacas as a business endeavor is something larger than itself. It’s the realization of a philosophy that joy, happiness and contentment are achieved by caring for others outside ourselves.

Breeding alpacas will also add more purpose to your efforts. Every good breeding decision is helping to rebuild and restore what was lost hundreds of years ago. The feeling that is experienced upon reaching your goals Producing revenue helps make the endeavor more tangible and helps reaffirm you are doing exactly what you set out to do.

Stargazer Ranch Alpacas

We have enjoyed being very involved in the alpaca industry over the past 17 years and look forward to the many more upcoming years helping new breeders carry on with the industry goals of establishing alpacas prominently at the top of the natural fiber marketplace. Our retirement and planned herd reduction provides an opportunity to acquire highly proven genetics that we couldn’t imagine letting go of otherwise. (Feel free to ask for documentation.)

Show ring success and the national recognition our genetics has been very rewarding. Our herd today is the result of our attention to detail with the purpose of improving each generation as much as possible. Utilizing the best available tools we are producing elite class fineness along with increased density and well defined character. Building a high quality herd and producing elite quality offspring isn't a dream it's a decision.

Big changes are in store for stargazer Ranch in 2015. We are in the process transitioning to a less time and energy intensive alpaca breeding facility. We are passionate about alpacas and helping our clients and the industry reach a goal of outperforming cashmere in it's current role as a high quality commercial natural fiber.

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