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Alpaca Barn Camera

Stargazer Ranch – Loveland, Colorado

Streaming Alpaca Barn Camera

We finally got the camera feed fixed. (not so lucky on the chat bar yet) If you don't see the picture below you may need to "allow Flash or an exception" in your desktop browser bar (right click on the "!").  Cell phone  viewing needs a browser with a built in Flash Player. Search for PHOTON Browser or DOLPHIN Browser.

Interested in witnessing an alpaca birth and new crias? We try to send out advance notice when an alpaca birth appears imminent.

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This camera is usually viewing the outdoor "Alpaca Birthing Pen". This area houses our expectant dams and newly delivered cria (alpaca babies)! Birthing seasons are Spring and Fall. If you don't see the alpacas they are probably out to pasture. They will be back in later.