2013 Fiber tests have arrived!

We just received the test results back from our 2013 clip. Great news to report on our fleece quality improvement program. It’s no secret that we have been using the EPD program to help with our breeding decisions. Each year we have seen a progressive orderly improvement on the several traits that are considered when determining fiber value. Average Fiber diameter for our whole herd has dropped to 20.8 microns, almost identical to our core breeding group average of 20.1micron. We are very pleased to see these numbers as well as learning that we are also improving uniformity and comfort factor by decreasing % of fibers over 30 to a group average of 3.6%, (almost in half from where we started). We test all our breeding stock each year, through 10 years of age, to help us with extending fineness and uniformity through advanced ages. “Perpetual” fineness is one of our breeding goals.Achieving superior production results is a matter of putting together the right data to help identify the strengths and weakness of your breeding stock. The learning curve to get up to speed is not a difficult process. We can help give you a jump start with our consulting and mentoring services free of charge to our clients and customers.

The ARI Alpaca EPD Results are in!

We couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve experienced using EPD data to improve our herd.

For the third year in a row The Stargazer Ranch breeding program has produced 25% or more of the top 100 males & females in the ARI-ALPACA EPD program for producing the finest offspring while still increasing Fleece Weight!

With participation in the EPD program increasing by about 100% per year. We are thrilled that our little breeding program is maintaining such high rankings.

Are Your Alpacas Earning Their Keep?

shearpicIt’s that time of year for your alpacas to pay you back for all your time & money you have invested in their care and well being! Commercial buyers are paying anywhere from $2.00 to $60.00 a pound. As expected there are many more buyers calling for the most common and available fiber and paying the least possible price. However, the market is starting to see buyers who are calling for the highest quality and less commonly available fiber and they are willing to pay premium prices. While $40.00 to $60.00 is about 1/2 of what the mature, high quality alpaca fiber market is expected to bring, it is a big improvement and goes a long way in providing a significant revenue source for breeders who have been paying attention.

If you are not receiving enough income from your fiber and would like to improve that part of your business, help is available. It is now possible to plan out your fiber production in advance to help with your breeding decisions. We are using EPD data along with a relatively simple program that will determine fleece production qualities before the breeding takes place. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more.