In this video we’ll explore how EPDs can help make positive changes in your breeding outcomes. We’ll take a look at what is meant by Complimentary and Contradictory trait improvement as well as how likely is it that you will see the change that is being predicted.

0:00 Introduction 07:05 Trait Values 13:43 Complimentary Traits 15:45 Contradictory Traits 18:37 Estimated/Pedigree EPDs
25:19 Trait Heritability 28:04 Trait Value Accuracy 31:26 Trait Value Ranking

If you’ve raised livestock long enough you’ve experienced disappointments that life deals out from time to time. Feeling disappointed about your purchase or breeding decisions shouldn’t be one of them. We will be referring to the 2022 (EPD) Producers Report. A copy can be downloaded here.  2022 Producers Report.