ARI#: #31750301
Sex: Female
DOB: 09/13/10
Breed: Huacaya
Color: Beige
Micron: 0 CV: 0
Status: Open
DAM: Bluegrass Peruvian Eleanor
Sire: 6P Royal Gold

Stargazer’s Ellie

Our retirement sale means that everybody is available to buy. Ellie would be a great addition to a breeding program that wants the best of the best to build offof.

Ellie has a solid pedigree along with one of the top EPD rankings. Two important factors to producing herdsire quality offspring. Her Sire ^P Royal Gold had been a spectacular producer. One of the few persistently fine imports that quickly became known for producing 14 Micron crias. Her dam, Eleanor, is the #1 female in the US EPD program that is tested to lower AFD and increase fleece weight.

Ellie is one of the overall top ranking female alpacas in N America. With so much unbiased data it doesn’t leave much room for guessing what quality she’ll produce.
1 yr old 16.0; 4.1; 25.4; 1.3
2 yrs old 16.0; 4.3; 26.9; 0.8
3 yrs old 18.0; 4.7; 26.0; 1.6
4 yrs old 18.2; 4.3; 23.6; 1.5
5 yrs old 19.6; 5.1; 26.3; 3.1

The following are Ellie’s ranking among more than 7,500 alpacas in the 2013 ARI EPD program.
Reduce AFD = Top 1%
Spin Fineness= Top 1 %
Lower SD = Top 10%
above average FW
Reducing Fibers Greater than >30micron = Top 2%
Increase Curve = top 5%
Lower the percentage of Medulation = top 2%