Charting Herd Improvement

The slides below are from our 2019 EPD testing results. They provide a glimpse of how EPD’s can be used for mating selection and tracking the overall herd improvement.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Holding your mouse over the slides should pause the sequence. Use arrows to navigate forward or back.


How Can You Tell If An Alpaca Is Right for Your Herd?

Everybody says the same thing about their alpacas. It seems like everything will “improve fineness and increase density” …. if you’re comparing it to a rock that would undoubtedly be true.

“In the day” “B.C.” (Before Computers),… Livestock breeders would have track production results for generations to¬†identify their best-producing animals.

Since computers and the introduction of EPD’s in the alpaca industry, identifying top animals have become easier, quicker, and much more accurate.

Your bottom line as a breeder will largely be determined by how successful you are in achieving desired results in the shortest amount of time.

“DO THE MATH” ¬† EPDs enable you to predict and compare how an animal will perform and fit in among the animals in your herd and production goals.