New educational series @ Stargazer

A lot has changed over the last couple years. In the past we always looked forward to holding the weekend educational events but with pandemics and the inherent difficulties with planning a group activities, it became obvious we needed to look at options outside of “on-farm” classes.

Starting December 17th we’ll be holding our inaugural Stargazer AMAAA (Ask me anything about alpacas). AMAAA are a free online meeting where we’ll present a topic from our weekend classes and then open the discussion for anything alpaca related.

Click here for more information. Our first AMAAA will have a short presentation on Recordkeeping and how your animals, breeding program and even sales will benefit for a simple non-electronic method to keep things organized and on track. We’ll be reviewing the forms that can be found here. We’ll be posting a schedule as we get things figured out.

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