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Stargazer HERD BROKE 20 MICRON AFD IN 2015!

apoc-ad-final-wsEarly on in our alpaca endeavor we had come across some simple advice about how to best succeed in a livestock breeding business. In a nutshell we were advised to collect data and use it when making breeding and purchase decisions.  In the 18 years since, we have documented yearly improvement in our clip results. The most dramatic improvement has occurred since we have implemented an EPD program in making breeding decisions,  averaging a reduction  of at least one micron per year. We also have been more directive in who and how we teat. Since crias that are under a year old would tend to skew the results to help make the whole herd look finer we do not include any data from animals  that are less than a year old. We also do not test animals that are over 10  years old. The 2015 clip results are in and our herd average has  dropped to 19.9 micron for AFD.   This tally represents all 50 male and female huacayas between 1 to 10 yr old of all colors from white to black and dark rose grey. (No Juveniles) All have top EPD’s for multiple traits. Bred for perpetual fineness, increased fleece weight and excellent confirmation.

Top 2015 breeding males

  • Stargazer’s Elijah  (Wht) @  3yr = 15.4 AFD  (Apocalypse & 6P Royal Gold/Barringer Lineage)
  • Stargazer’s Rumble (Fawn) @  3yr = 16.3 AFD ( 6P Royal Gold & Hemingway Lineage)
  • Stargazer’s Callisto (Wht) @  7yr = 18.4 AFD (Apocalypse & Accoyo Augusto Lineage)
  • Stargazer’s YO @ (Wht) 7yr = 18.4 AFD (Apocalypse & Hemingway Lineage)

Top Seedstock  Available Males & Females

  • Stargazer’s Special Edition (Appy) @ 1yr 16.4 AFD (Explorer and Apocalypse Lineages)
  • Stargazer’s Skywalker  (BG) @1 yr 15.3 AFD (Barringer and Apocalypse Lineages)
  • Stargazer’s Solar Storm (Wht) 16.7 @ 1 yr AFD  (Barringer and Accoyo Grandmaster Lineages)
  • Stargazer’s Fanny Mae  (Brn-DRG) @ 2yr 16.8 AFD (Eclipse and Accoyo Felix Lineage)
  • Stargazer’s Tahlula  (DBrn)  @ 2yr 16.4 AFD (Taurus and Multi-Accoyo Lineages)
  • Stargazer’s Chardonnay (Wht) @ yr 17.6 (Explorer & Apocalypse Lineages)

 None of this would have been possible with the phenomenal genetic contribution of Accoyo America Apocalypse whose has been ranked as the #1 herdsire producing the most dramatic change in lowering AFD and increasing Fleece Weight. Apocalypse is now co-owned with one of the most encouraging breeders we have come across in years. Apple Mountain Alpacas in Clarksville, GA. Jay and Melissa Reeder share our vision of a prosperous and production industry. Contact Jay and Melissa for breedings between November and April each year. More information can be found on their website http://www.applemountainalpacas.com